Application & Fees


Joining & Membership Fees


  • The INITA joining fee for new members is £300.00, plus an annual membership subscription of £400.00


  • An attendance fee at each of an applicant’s two preliminary meetings will be charged at £125.00 per meeting, making a total of £250.00, which in the event of the application being successful, will be deducted from the applicant’s £300.00 joining fee, leaving just £50.00 payable to join


  • A new member having attended two preliminary meetings, whose application is successful, would pay their £50.00 discounted joining fee plus £400.00 for their first year’s annual subscription, making a total of £450.00


  • Membership fees run on an annual basis from 1 October to 30 September each year


  • All joining and membership fees can only be made by BACS/Online Banking


  • Each year at INITA’s annual general meeting, members vote to agree any changes to the annual membership subscriptions

Applying For Membership

Membership applicants are advised to read the INITA membership criteria, and then contact one of the following: an existing INITA member, or the current INITA Secretary, any of whom can assist with advice on the application criteria, process and membership.


Step One

Following initial contact with an INITA member, applicants should register their desire to join, by submitting to the current INITA Secretary by email, a brief outline of their company activities, engineering experience & qualifications, curriculum vitae, and required indemnity insurance documents.

Membership applicants are advised to acquire the support of two existing INITA members, to act as sponsor and second for their application. While attending their required two preliminary meetings, applicants will have the opportunity to describe their business activities, and get to know some of the membership, any of whom can be asked to support the membership application.

Step Two

Attendance of at least two formal INITA meetings is required, the second of which could be the INITA annual general meeting. At their second meeting, applicants are required to give a short presentation about their engineering background, and their current business activities.  These introductory presentations are intended to assist the application process, and afford the attending membership a greater appreciation of the applicant's business activities.

Step Three

On securing the support of two existing members, the applicant’s details and CV will be circulated to all current INITA members. At the next annual general meeting, the membership application will be voted upon by the members in attendance, requiring a simple voting majority for the application to become successful. Applicants will be notified whether or not their application is successful, as soon as is practicable following the AGM, depending on the circumstances at the time of the vote.

Successful membership applicants will be emailed with a welcome letter, advice about the subscription fees they will be required to pay, and an invoice for the same.

Step Four

Following receipt of all joining and membership fees, a membership certificate will be issued to new members, which will allow them to use the INITA logo on their letter-heading and literature etc.


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