Mission Statement

INITA aims to represent effectively the specific interests of its membership in defending absolutely, the genuine independence of the role of the competent person, as clearly defined within current statutory legislation.

INITA seeks to raise the standards of statutory compliance examination and testing of engineering plant and equipment amongst its membership, by providing education, training and topical group discussion of inspection issues on an ongoing basis.

INITA seeks to achieve a consistency of approach throughout the membership in respect of the work members undertake, through continuous professional development training, and a range of quality management systems available to members within the wider inspection industry.

INITA's Point of Difference

The majority of INITA members are ‘coal-face’ engineer surveyors, actually carrying out statutory compliance inspection work on a day-to-day basis.

The INITA membership is spread across the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, with members also on the Isle of Man and on the island of Jersey.

INITA provides its whole membership with the opportunity to meet with and challenge face-to-face, senior inspectors and representatives from the Health and Safety Executive on matters relating to the in-service inspection industry.

It is the continuing aim of the Independent National Inspection and Testing Association (INITA) to promote and improve the standard of statutory compliance inspection services, through ongoing development and professional excellence amongst our members.


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Engineering specialists committed to providing focused statutory compliance examinations, testing and consulting services, designed to improve both standards of engineering plant maintenance and safety in the workplace.

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